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Ühes tükis rasedatele mõeldud polstriga ujumistrikoo KYOTO Yellow / Prantsusmaa


Tootja: Cache Couer / France

Finesse and elegance thanks to our Kyoto swimsuit.

Kyoto is the elegant pregnancy swimsuit of the collection. Its "petal" effect made by ultrasound cutting allows to combine technical perfection and modernity.

The top of this one-piece swimsuit is equipped with an integrated padded bra to ensure a perfect support.

Succumb to its open back and its beautiful colors : navy, yellow and pink !
The material is extensible which allows it to adapt to each future mother during pregnancy. Protecting the skin of moms and baby from the sun, the swimsuit Kyoto can be worn at the beach and at the pool.

SpecificationsAnti U.V. fabric, Around-the-neck straps, Oeko-Tex certified, One-piece bathing suit, Padded bra / integrated cups, ultrasonic cutting
  • Mõeldud Rasedatele
  • Tarneaega lattu 8-10 tööpäevade
  • Hooaeg Kevad / Suvi

59,99 €

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