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Tuunika kleit FOLLOW YOUR STAR (sobivad rasedus)


Tootja: Happymum

Follow your star - it will take you to a world where  original personality, non-standard solutions and brave ideas are valued more than diagrams and conformity! Let this tunic become your faithful companion on this road - simple, comfort and extremely feminine. Loose cut, widening silhouette perfectly hides minor flaws. And for your little bunny you will find mini version of this model. It will be perfect for your daughter, she will feel just as fascinating as the mother.

Material: 60% viscose, 37% polyester, 3% elastan

  • Mõeldud Rasedad ja pärast rasedust
  • Tarneaega lattu 4-5 tööpäevade
  • Hooaeg Sügis / Talv

74,99 €

+ Lisa soovinimekirja